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  • Barcode: 8717953141507
  • Cat #: MILLLP001
  • Release date: August 27 2014

lonesound - the great outdoors eps

The Great Outdoors EP's; a 12 track collection of 3 EP's self-released during 2012 and 2013.

Once front man of indie band My Luminaries, London based, British singer songwriter James Ewers aka Lonesound released his first solo EP The Great Outdoors (Part 1) in July 2012, picking up attention from various new music online blogs and radio. The home recorded 4 track EP mixed “sweeping, stonking” indie-pop with “Brit Buckley-esque” acoustic songwriting and showed a solo artist invigorated by his new-found musical liberation and control.

He then released The Great Outdoors (Part 2) in December that year, gaining airplay from top DJ’s including Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2), Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) and John Kennedy (XFM), whilst making Record Of The Day. The EP was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios and again at Ewers's home. Lead track Don't Hold Me Back was featured in US MTV show House of Food whilst Who Was Watching was heard in an episode of NBC’s series Smash. The complete EP made the ‘Featured Artist’ section on the US, UK & Canadian iTunes stores.

The Great Outdoors (Part 3), a more stripped back, acoustic based EP, was released in July 2013. Written at a time of great change in Ewers's life; he had recently become engaged and had begun playing exclusively solo acoustic shows to a great response. All was studio recorded and co-produced by Sam Miller(PJ Harvey, The Temperance Movement) bar Fallen Leaves, recorded in Ewers’s kitchen and certainly the closest representation of his solo live shows. (You Don't Have To Be) Strong became the second Lonesound track to be featured in NBC's Smash, and As We Go Along became 'Editor's Choice' on US iTunes. 

Q: Why this album?

Eric: Because it was a fresh sound the first time I heard it and 3 years after its vinyl release it still holds up amazingly well. Some of these songs were released digitally in 2012, which makes them 5 years old now. But the songs sound far from dated. In the jungle of singer/songwriters and indie musicians, to me, this album still stands out amongst the majority of them. 

The lyrics are high quality. They are relatable, but not written in a cliché type of way. The music is well written too. Like I said, it sounds fresh. And it is no surprise that we had a sales rate of over 90% during the promo tour in 2014. More than 90% of the people attending his instore shows, bought this album. People tweeted to various radio DJ's saying they should check out Lonesound (which unfortunately none of them did). I made post about this release in a Facebook group of vinyl collectors. I sold 20 copies on 1 day. And to this day I still get messages from people who were at one of these shows, asking me about a new album.

Sure I might sound biased, but I still believe that Lonesound is one of the most overlooked artists out there. James' voice is extraordinairy and versatile. And I really hope at one point he'll pick up his songwriting again. Cause I believe the musicworld needs someone like Lonesound. 

side a

  1. The Great Outdoors
  2. In My Dreams Tonight
  3. A Little While Longer
  4. I'm Feeling Lucky
  5. Don't Hold Me Back
  6. Who Was Watching

side b

  1. Lisa Settled Down
  2. Long Gone (feat. Leah Kardos)
  3. A Place For Everyone
  4. (You Don't Have To Be) Strong
  5. As We Go Along
  6. Fallen Leaves


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • 4 page insert
  • first 500 copies on silver coloured vinyl
  • handnumbered