product info

  • Barcode: 8717953141545
  • Cat #: MILLLP003
  • Release date: April 22 2017

the hype - have you heard the hype?

Before Yorick van Norden released his solo debut album "Happy Hunting Ground" in 2015 thru Excelsior Recordings, he was the frontman of indie band The Hype. A band from Noord-Holland's capitol and one of the Netherlands' many musical cities, Haarlem. 

They were the most booked band in the Popronde in 2007 and won the Rob Acda Award the same year. Followed up by the InHolland Popprijs in 2008. In 2010 they were bombared to "Serious Talent" by 3FM radio and in 2011 they toured with Handsome Poets and Chef'Special across a variety of popstages. 

Their debut album, "Have You Heard The Hype?", was released on September 23 2011, which was presented with an album launch party at the Patronaat in Haarlem, presented by fellow Haarlem citizen and 3FM DJ Giel Beelen.

Unfortunately, early 2013 the band announced its retirement. A farewell show was given on March 9 2013, once again at Haarlem's Patronaat stage.

side a

  1. Do You Know?
  2. Miles Down The Road
  3. Bowie
  4. Don't Give Up On Me
  5. Do You Remember School?

side b

  1. Mary
  2. Follow The Sun
  3. Travelogue
  4. Tomorrow
  5. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • printed innersleeves with lyrics
  • 8 bonus tracks
  • 6 previously unreleased tracks
  • all tracks remastered for vinyl

side c

  1. Time To Go Home
  2. What Do You Say?
  3. Swan Song (Bye Bye)

side d

  1. I Can't Find Out Why*
  2. Beatlesque
  3. Who Knows Maybe
  4. Highway Blues (demo)*
  5. There Today (demo)*
  6. Youandme (demo)*
  7. Once Upon A Time In London*
  8. There Today (reprise) (demo)*

* = previously unreleased track